Some women spend several months, sometimes years, choosing the perfect dress, ideal venue, hiring a great DJ, videographer, and the best photographer that money can buy. But, with everything to do on your wedding check-off list, it can be easy to forget about capturing the essence of the ceremony itself by shooting the best unique photos as possible.

Your wedding day is likely one of the most memorable days you will ever experience in your life. The ceremony itself oozes love and over-the-top romantic notions, which is why it’s crucial to capture as many moments as you possibly can throughout your entire special day.

Some couples choose to take the opportunity to express their love story to the whole world starting with their proposal all the way to the ceremony itself. On the other hand, some more creative newlyweds like to think outside the box and turn their wedding photos into unique works-of-art.

Based on your personality and character, you can choose to shoot a more traditional wedding photo portfolio or get a bit more candid and fun in order to set yourself apart from the crowd. In other words, it doesn’t hurt to put some extra creativity and imagination into your wedding portraits in order to make your ceremony even more memorable.

Here are some unique wedding photography ideas in Austin, TX to catch some of the best wedding shots possible on your special day.

• Into the Sunset

Have your austin area photographer shoot the two of you just slightly into the sunset, rather than directly. It will create a warm and beautiful silhouette to the overall look of the photo. What’s more romantic than two lovers posed in front of an amazing sunset?

• Intimate Kiss

A kiss is just a kiss – but an intimate kiss says “I love you and I’m yours forever.” It’s important that the photographer catches special moments like these on your wedding day so they appear genuine and authentic. A spontaneous, sensuous kiss captured on film will let each generation in your future family know how you truly feel about one another.

• The “Awwww” Photo

Want to make everyone say “awww”? Regardless if your new husband is holding your hand or kissing your button nose, make sure someone captures the special, unrehearsed moment. For an even more nostalgic look, drape your husband’s jacket over your shoulder so it shows his gentleman-like character and charm.

• Water Reflection

If you’re ceremony is taking place outdoors and there’s a nearby body of water, use the reflection of the water to take some great shots using the beauty of the water and surrounding area. Pose for a sensual kiss off the reflection of the water itself. Don’t be afraid to get really creative or even silly. This is the day to let your hair down, relax, and celebrate. Remember, tomorrow is the first day of your new life together.

• I Absolutely “Do”!

Have your photographer snap a photo of the two of you expressing some sort of enthusiasm, excitement, or in mid-laughter about beginning your new marriage together. The harder you laugh – the better.

Your wedding day is one of rare times that you’ll have the occasion to dress up in your finest attire and look your best. So, don’t be camera-shy, even if you’re naturally shy. The most special memories should come straight from the heart and into the lens of the camera.